i-Broker is a free online trading platform designed to help investors gain direct market access (DMA) to the Ghanaian equity markets (via i-Broker Ghana platform) and other global markets which provide several options for asset classes and markets (via i-Broker GM platform).

There are two major platforms of the i-Broker; i-Broker Ghana and i-Broker Global Markets also known as i-Broker GM.

i-Broker Ghana
This gives investors direct access to the Ghanaian equity markets namely the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) and the Ghana Alternative Markets (GAX). The platform allows investors to trade and track their investments. Investors trade by placing their buy and sell orders on the GSE/GAX via the i-Broker Ghana platform.

The platform also has a tool that helps investors to monitor their portfolios in real time. Investors are given access to various reports that help them keep track of their investments. Portfolio Statements are available on the portal 24 hours a day giving the investor the freedom to access his investment value at any time. Customised statements can also be printed directly from the i-track.

Investors can log on to i-broker and place orders to buy securities listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange or place orders to sell securities that they already own and have registered in the GSE depositary.

In order to buy securities listed on the GSE, clients must fund their accounts with cash. In order to place a sell order, clients must fund their account with shares. They must have?á purchased the shares through the i-broker or should have deposited their previously held securities with CAL Brokers Limited. Clients can also make online requests for payment from their sale proceeds.

Investors can also view the entire market trading activity through various screens and graphs that aid in decision making.

i-Broker GM
This is an online platform that allow investors to take investment opportunities in various markets and asset classes via trading in Contract For Difference (CFDs).

You can create an i-Broker GM demo account by clicking HERE

You can create an i-Broker GM live account by clicking HERE


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i-BROKER is a free online trading platform designed to help investors trade and monitor their securities on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

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