Cocoa Processing Company Limited was established on November 27, 1981. It was transformed into a limited liability company on July 5, 2002 and subsequently listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange on February 14, 2003.

It is an agro-based firm which specialized in the processing of cocoa beans into confectionery and other semi-finished cocoa products. CPC has three main factories of which one is a confectionery and two other cocoa factories. The factories currently have a production capacity of 64,000 metric tonnes of cocoa beans.

Some of the company's major products are cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cake. It also exports about 95% of its semi-finished products to foreign markets where they are transformed into various confectionery products. CPC's confectionery plant produces the GoldenTree Brand of cocoa products in Ghana and beyond.

The company has 20 billion authorized shares and one redeemable preference share. It has listed over 1.10 billion of its authorized shares on the GSE and it also has a stated capital of GHS16.78 million. CPC's financial year ends on September 30.

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